Saturday, January 14, 2012

Soulful Saturday - Guy

Annnnnnnnnd, I'm back!! It is the second Saturday of the new year and I am (finally) posting a Soulful Saturday. Chicago has finally gotten some snow and has been hit with some "cozy up" weather, so why not have some music to assist in the cozying up, right? Right!
The late 80s and early 90s were inundated with New Jack Swing groups like Guy-- ok, that and bad fashion (think MC Hammer, big high top fades, bare chests and horrible color combinations. Oh and Jheri Curls, OMG!) They were everywhere! They were even on the soundtrack of THE most New Jack Swing movie ever made-- New Jack City. Teddy Riley went on to be a big producer (think BlackStreet) and Aaron Hall went solo for a bit (see below). All in all, Guy is a great way to start of the year. Enjoy!

Let's Chill

Wanna Get With You

Is that fringe? Please, say no... damn.

Spend The Night

Piece of My Love

No, it does NOT get much better than this. Love, love, love it!

I Miss You (Aaron Hall)


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