Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year, New Hair & Being Resolute

Last week I wrote about doing actual work for the betterment of our community. I talked about people who were really good at talking, but NOT so good at DOING. And what kind of blogger/person/sassy bitch would I be if all I did was talk with no action? Here we are- just over three weeks into 2012; already the gym faithful are beginning to dwindle in numbers. Already, some of us have begun to reassess (read: forget) why certain resolutions were so important just 23 days ago.

Guess who is not falling into that category? Ding, ding if you said Miss Mox! Here is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I am fundraising and shaving my head for St. Baldrick's this year!!! You read that right!! I am going out on a limb for little people (read: kids) that are battling cancer. I have not had to fight a battle with cancer myself, but I suspect that road is rough--rougher, I'd imagine, for a child. Cancer is something that no one should have to face alone, least of all a child, so as part of my new action filled year, I am going to help some of the smallest people in our village fight one of the biggest diseases out there.

If you look to the right, you'll see a countdown to my event-- I have until March 10, 2012 to fundraise and I am hoping to surpass my $300 goal. Feel free to contribute and if you are in/near Chicago, please stop by on the day of the event. I am going to bribe one of my friends to videotape my haircut so I can hopefully post the results!! If you want to participate, please go to and search for an event in your area. Let's all make this a year of ACTION!!!

See below for details about St. Baldricks and why this organization is so important! Go HERE to make a donation!


Tasha said...

Wishing you a big hearty GOOD LUCK all the way from NYC!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are amazing!

Miss Mox said...

Thank you Tasha!! :)

Thanks Anonymous! That is very nice! :)

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