Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

I have a friend who always reminds me that when I am having a bad day, I should start/revise/go over a gratitude list. The things that I most cherish from every day life. I am feverishly typing this in these early morning hours because while nothing has irritated me YET... something (someone) will later one... and I feel as though I need to be prepared. I'll schedule this for later today... when my phone tells me that it has been published, I will be able to take a few seconds and regroup versus the alternate tirade that I have been mentally preparing.

There is no horror story, per se. I just work with someone who is not as urgent as I would like; not as organized as I would like... and WAY more condescending than I would like (out of the three, clearly the last one is the problem, as it is the way to get punched in the nuts the fastest- please take note). Don't get me wrong, I love having a baby face, but just because I look young does not mean that 1. I am your secretary, 2. I need you to explain things to me like I am dumb or 3. I will put up with this bullshit for very long without reading you the freaking riot act, so that you never forget... See, I am already all up in arms. So- on to my list. I'll do the top 5 because I am just going to need a small reminder of what I am grateful for to put a smile on my face (I hope).

Hot, Black and Bitter is grateful for:

1. My family- I write of them often, but surely not often enough. They are NUTS... like, seriously, there are days when I think we should ALL be committed- from the oldest to the youngest. BUT, I wouldn't trade their nutty asses for anything. Well, mostly anything- catch me on the right day and I might trade off a couple of the little ones for coffee. ;)

2. My friends (extended family)- the only people who know exactly who I am and love me despite it all, when they don't have to. Small number of people in this group, and trust me, they all worked for the title!

3. Doggie kisses on tear stained cheeks. Makes everything ok. I have become a firm believer that having a pet extends your life. Depressed? Get a dog or a cat- works wonders.

4. Job- oh, I'll complain about my co-worker, rightfully so, but I am extremely grateful for a job! Having been unemployed through the vast majority of this economic depression, I am happy to have somewhere to go every day; happy to be able to have a job I do well... and happy/grateful for a paycheck. I just wish there was a little more pride in work/work ethic from others.

5. A horrific day at the office that ends with someone delivering you cupcakes... this is how I made it through Friday. Need some? I know a guy! :)

May this small bit of insight be enough to lead me through the day...


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