Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Paging a Doctor... Any Doctor. This Man Needs Help.

The Internet is abuzz with the shenanigans of a certain actor who will remain nameless in this post (he has a brother named Emilio and a dad named Martin).  I am not naming him because I refuse to take part in glorifying his very clear nervous breakdown. This man has berated people he has worked with, left a very profitable job and is making a fool of himself on TV EVERY morning and everyone seems to think that it is funny.  I don't think it is funny-- I think it is sad.
Every day people walk around with bottled up energy. That energy can be either good or bad. The release of said energy is how we behave during the day. If I behaved the way that this actor is behaving, I would hope that my friends (and family) would grab me up and give me the help I need. Y'all better not let me run around on the Today Show and show my ass in front of sexy Matt Lauer (I digress). Seriously, WHERE ARE HIS FAMILY MEMBERS?? Better yet, what was the trigger that made this actor fall off the deep end? There needs to be an intervention of some kind. Actually, there needs to be anything besides everyone taking joy in the fact that he is losing it.  I am tired of my Twitter timeline being full of jokes about him. Dude, this is not a joke. It is sad. This is his life, and his life is falling apart.
His kids were taken away, two marriages have (very publicly) ended, drug abuse is clear, he lost his job, he has had a public feud with his boss... and somehow, people see him as a source of entertainment. Am I the only one who sees this as a scream for help? I couldn't possibly be the only one who thinks that someone should offer him a helping hand, could I? You know, I really want to slap him and have him get it together- I mean, he is a millionaire, some sort of "celebrity." He lives a life that some of us can only dream of, and he is squandering it all away for drugs and sex with hot pieces of ass? So yeah, I want to pop him a good one, but I have to ask-- What kind of society do we live in where people think this shit is funny? Y'all don't seem to remember that there was an eathquake last week; that gas is $4 a gallon; that unemployment is still high and people are still suffering, but you can take time out to laugh it up and make up jokes about someone in a super dark place in their life? Be encouraging the craziness, even? What does it say about the American public that just CAN'T get enough of this nonsense? We take joy in the fact that someone besides ourselves is losing it? What does it say about us that our social media "walls" are covered with his name or an update of what he is doing?  To me, it says that the vast majority of us are right on his level-- pathetic and petty. SMH.


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