Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rape and Playing the Blame Game

WARNING: this entry WILL (should) make you uncomfortable... and for that reason, certain people should refrain from reading it... like, my mother, the church lady, and those who are easily offended by cursing and me calling people foul names. You have been warned!!
I blame this post on Twitter! I have been working two jobs for the past couple of weeks, so my posting has been lax, and so has my news reading. I have preferred sleep- a LOT, but I do keep up with my Twitter feed. Today, while treating myself to breakfast, I came across a patch of posts that referenced a rape in Cleveland,Texas. You can read about it here and here. For those of you who don't like to click on links... In November of last year, in the town of Cleveland an 11 year old girl was gang raped by 20 men. Read that last sentence over again. And NOW, the morons at a certain New York newspaper (NYTimes- shame on your petty asses) and the amazingly giving people of Cleveland, are starting to blame the 11 year old for what happened. If you are offended by profanity- look away now.

What the FUCK is wrong with people? I mean seriously, is our society that ridiculously off track that a gang rape can happen to an 11 year old girl and we place blame on her? Really?! Really? Well, that is fucking stupid and I am going to tell you exactly who are the dumbest of the dumb in this situation. Fucking pieces of shit.

*Anyone in the town of Cleveland (the police, the prosecution, parents, nosy ass neighbors and bystanders) that actually believes that an 11 year old brought GANG rape on herself: You are fucking low cretins. You stupid backwoods bastards. I don't give a shit if that little girl is waving her hairless vagina in the face of every man she comes across- SHE IS A FUCKING CHILD. A child. And now, no matter what happened, what she said yes to, where the line was drawn... no matter what, that child is RUINED. Her childhood is OVER. Her life will NEVER be the same. And you stupid fucks push blame onto her?! She is NOT grown. She can NOT consent to anything. Hell, when I was 11, my parents still had say over what I wore out of the house. I couldn't make or grasp heavy decisions-- and she can't either. You fucking compassion less pricks. What if she was your child? Look around- some of us have 11 year daughters and sons. What if your kid- son or daughter- was gang raped by 20 individuals? Who would you blame? How would you feel if your kid was seen as "asking for it"? I don't give a good damn if she wore bra and panties and nothing else to school every day- she is the 6th grade. AND if she was attempting to act out sexually, that is a cry for help, not an act of begging crazy pedophiles to take advantage of her.

*Parents of Cleveland, Texas: I don't understand this. You live in a town of 9,000 people. How do you NOT know what your kid is doing? Small inkling? I grew up in Columbus, Ohio- way bigger than 9,000 people- and my parents ALWAYS knew what I was doing. You know why? Because people TOLD on my dumb ass. That's why. If they saw me doing something I wasn't supposed to, my neighbors called my parents... at work!!! Are you fucking kidding me that NO one knew that this baby was being dicked down by 20 men? (I keep saying men because these MEN were in high school and in their 20s. The oldest is 27... 27! (I fucking date 27 year olds.) There were a few middle schoolers but if you look at the mugshots- those are MEN that raped her). I fucking hate the kids in my neighborhood, but I know what the hell they are doing-- I watch their asses. I call the cops. Not one parent thought to call the police? Not one parent thought to call the parents of this BABY? What kind of fucking person are you?

*Activist that are screaming racism: Oh, Jesus, keep me near the cross. You are mad because all the MEN who gang raped this Latina girl are Black? You see that as some injustice? How about-- um, teach your fucking kids that raping women is wrong?! They tape recorded themselves DOING IT- that is how they fucking got caught. They provided the evidence that is going to put all their asses in jail. If all of them participated, does it bother me that all of those MEN are Black? Am I going to protest and say that they are being charged because they are Black? Um, hell NO. Keep your fucking dick out of little kids, you bastards. I would think the same if they were white, Asian, green, polka dotted, whatever. At what point do you STOP giving the excuse that bad behavior can be covered up by waving the race flag? Now, IF there were white assailants that had not been prosecuted, I would scream injustice, because I want every dick that hurt that child to pay for it. EVERYone. And if everyone of them happens to be Black, so be it. Fuck you bastards for being pedophiles, taking advantage of a disturbed baby, and feeding into the stereotype that Black men cannot control their sexual urges. You're all fucking disgraces and I hope you pay the highest cost the state of Texas can come up with. A towns person actually said "these boys have to live with this for the rest of their lives." Yeah, you stupid cunt, guess who else does? That BABY that they RAPED. And for all of you who are claiming that "she didn't look 11" you can kiss my ass-- the pink part, because that is some bullshit. In a town of 9,000 people, you know who is at the age of majority and who is not. Fucking slimy cocksuckers.

The Victim's Parents: WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?!?!?!?! You have a whole town, clowning your kid, saying that she dressed inappropriately and wore lots of makeup, didn't look her age... and had all this time on her hands? Where the fuck were you? If she acted like that in public, she probably acted out at home. You didn't have a say? You didn't see ANY warning signs? You were absolutely shocked when there were viral videos of your 11 year old daughter being molested and gang raped by 20 MEN?!?! Are you fucking blind?! I swear, people should need licenses in order to raise children.

The "Men": You fucking dirty,disgusting, lowdown mofos (the one curse word I DON'T say)... I have nothing but contempt for you. You ruined a community, your own fucking pointless lives and a little girl. It is because of men like you that I believe in the death penalty. It is because of men like you that your white backwoods counterparts still believe that Black people are the "n" word. It is because of men like you that I struggle every day to prove that I am NOT a stereotype. If I used the "n" word... that is what I would call you because you are blights on my race, a thorn in the side of anyone fighting the good fight for our people and a shit stain on society as a whole. I hope you all fucking rot in hell.

Lesson: hug and kiss your babies... because the world that surrounds them is like the Devil... walking to and fro, seeking who it can devour. SMH.


aedrasteia said...

Bless you for every word - Every word.
i'm sending this to Jezebel

thank you.

Hot Black and Bitter said...

Thank you for reading! :)

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