Monday, March 07, 2011

Oh, the Persecution

To say that I am COMPLETELY offended by the above billboard is an understatement. Yes, you read that right- that picture is a billboard. It has been taken down, but just the idea that someone thought that this was ok, says volumes. This monstrosity was unveiled on February 23 (during Black History Month), in part, by a Dallas "pastor" who says that he believes that Black women feel like they have no option other than abortion. Hmmm.
Let me start by saying I am not a pro-life; I am safely within the realms of pro-choice. By no means does that mean I think abortion should be used for birth control, but I do think that women should be able to choose what is good for them at the time. I have seen what people do to unwanted children, or children they simply can't care for, and it is shameful. If a woman or a young lady at the age of majority chooses to terminate her pregnancy, I have no opinion on that. I have my own personal opinion of what I would do, but I don't think that what is right for me should be forced onto other women in other situations, with other goals. Luckily, I have never had to make a decision in regards to ending a pregnancy, but if I did, I would never be so shortsighted to think that everyone should do whatever I do. Everyone is not hot, black and bitter, right?! Right.
With that said: in regards to this billboard-- are you fucking kidding me? Some people in America want to argue that the "face of Welfare" is a Black one... with several children- by several different men- that cannot be cared for. These are the children that grow up to be problems in our neighborhoods, overpopulate our jails and perpetuate this ghetto mentality. And THAT is wrong. A woman chooses to exercise her (very) legal right to terminate a pregnancy and THAT is wrong. So, what exactly is a Black woman to do? If you are a reader of this blog, you know that we aren't racing to the chapel to get married, so are we supposed to have no children? Why are their not billboards for every racial group? If these people see abortion as a type of genocide of racial groups, Blacks can't be the only group that should be getting attention. As for "pastor" so and so... He can eat me. He ought to be ashamed, as a Black man, to be the face of such a hate filled representation of one half of his race. You want to stand up against abortion- fine. It is legal, but so is freedom of speech... but to start an onslaught against Black women- he gets the side eye.
Could it be that groups are coming together to beat up on Black women? In situations like this, I will wave the race card. Are you telling me that NO other group has abortions? Impossible. Discourse on the topic, I can roll with, but subjecting ONE race to negative press... and then proposing to move said negative press all around the country? I call bullshit.


Karen said...

Totally agree with you. Not to mention, I hate when a person (in this case, the pastor) uses fear to drive his or her message home.

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