Sunday, June 12, 2011

Always a Fan, No Matter the Circumstance

Disclaimer: Before I start this, let me say: I am and always will be an Ohio State Buckeye fan. True, OSU is not where I attended college. I don't care. I grew up down the street and I consider myself a Buckeye from birth (born at Ohio State University hospital). So, BEFORE I get any ignorant emails about how Ohio State is full of cheaters, or that Jim Tressel is dirty... um, keep in mind that you love me because I'm sassy and know that I will not hesitate to be ready with a snappy comeback- which may not be nice... because the title is true-- I'm always a fan.

This entry was a long time coming. The story of the fall from grace of my Buckeyes has been in the news for months and I simply chose not to respond until I had more information. From the time that the story first broke and now, there have been significant developments- the most shocking of which was the resignation of my football husband, Jim Tressel. So, here I am, at 4 in the morning trying to find the words to describe my feelings. No nice words are coming to mind, so I'll just say that I am a fan of Ohio State football and Jim Tressel. I am not, however, a fan of Terrelle Pryor's (TP). There are many reasons why he didn't make the cut. First and foremost because he is the reason that the Buckeyes are in so much trouble... and, in my opinion, he is flaunting the fact that he violated the NCAA rules. He is pulling up to team meetings late, in a car that he can't afford and has now said that he is not coming back to school. WTF?!?! Dude, you are the reason my husband had to resign and now you are not coming back? He got nerve!!

His leaving makes me believe one thing: his deception runs deeper than we know. He did some shit that he knows could get him thrown off the team, so he is leaving before everyone finds out. Grrrr. This one. Damn. I have several friends who have said that Tressel deserved to lose his job but TP is just a kid. Um, no. TP is no kid. He was about to start his senior year in college, ok? He is a grown man- he can vote and drink if he wants. I didn't play sports in college and even I know what the NCAA rules are... so he should be held responsible for his fucked up actions. I have to point out: I do NOT agree with the NCAA rules. I think that student/athletes should be able to earn money in the off season. Seriously, colleges and universities makes millions off the backs of these athletes and I think that they should be able to make some money. Set them up with a work study job, because living 4 years without any money is cruel and unusual punishment AND if they were able to have jobs during the off season, it would keep them out of trouble on a lot of fronts. Then they wouldn't have to sell their stuff to eat, or to help their parents pay bills. I mean, seriously- a minimum wage job like every other college student- what's the harm?

I also do not agree with suspending the OSU players for selling THEIR possessions. Those mementos belong to them, they can do with them whatever they want. Who gives a shit if they sell them? I don't. I mean, you would think that they would want to keep them, but hell, that is true for lots of things. If they want to sell their stuff for money-- because they are broke-- then hey, it is better than some alternatives. With that said, please don't think that I feel badly for these student/athletes. I don't. These assholes have full ride scholarships to some of the best universities on the planet, not because they are smart but because they can play a game. While I think that the NCAA should revise the rules about the ability to make money, I also think that there should be a clause about graduating from the university that you get to attend for FREE. Ahhh, but that is not the case. The NCAA, in their stupidity, have not asked me for my opinion. And that leaves us with dummies like TP who will sell their soul for some tattoos and a car. SMH.

Do I think he was alone in his stupidity? Obviously not. Do I think he should be punished for violating NCAA rules, as they are? Absolutely. And I think he should take the punishment like a man, not by leaving school and running like a kid. Do I think that Jim Tressel should have lost his job? Absolutely NOT!! He was not a violator of the rules initially... and I have more than a small feeling that he DID tell the Athletic Director about the transgressions of the athletes (PS- I also think that Gene is about to lose his job). Jim Tressel has been in trouble before and I doubt that he would put his job on the line for some tattoos and selling of memorabilia. I think that the director knew and hoped the situation would just go away... because shit like that happens EVERY where. But that is neither here nor there, because Jim Tressel did lose his job, the football team is in trouble and the most notable player in the scandal has left for greener pastures.... further forsaking the Buckeye Nation.

Don't get me wrong- I am sure that there are some knuckleheads on Ohio State's team- at ALL times. There are always going to be people of questionable character, especially in sports, but TP seems to think that NO rules apply to him... and I, for one, hopes he gets that notion knocked out of him by a very big NFL player. One day, no matter how big a name you think you are, they all learn: You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you, so whatever trouble TP has heaped onto Ohio State... know that it is coming right back on you, bro. Rules do apply-- even to you.


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