Saturday, June 18, 2011

Soulful Saturday - Toni Braxton

Soulful Saturdays have been heavy on the male artists lately, so I've decided to switch it up a bit. So this week's feature is the Queen of all break up songs- Toni Braxton. She has more than break up songs... kinda. But, I have this very vivid memory of my freshman year in college (1996)living in the all girls dorm. The girl directly across the hall played Un-break My Heart for HOURS on repeat after her boyfriend broke up with her. Wow... and that is how TB got the distinction (from me) as the Queen of break up songs.
Truthfully she has an awesome voice and seems so down to Earth on Twitter. I haven't seen her on tv (Braxton Family Values, Dancing with the Stars, etc) so I am not sure how she comes across, but musically- she comes across as a woman who has been through whatever you are going through... and I love it! :)

He Wasn't Man Enough
Anthem for all. Love, love, love it!!

Another Sad Love Song
This video had scored of women headed to the shop to get their hair cut off. Can't lie- I totally had a Toni Braxton hairdo in high school!!

Just Be A Man About It
O_o I have wanted to say this to more than a few exes. SMH. When will they learn? "You don't got to lie to me..."
Favorite lyrics: "Where the hell do you get off, telling me your mama said I'm not what you need? Tell your mama since she knows it all, that's where you need to be." ;)

I Don't Want To

Un Break my Heart
Who could forget 1) Tyson (Oh dear Lord, that man is too fine!!) and 2) that white dress?? This video has eye candy for men AND women!!


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