Monday, June 06, 2011

Holy Moving Monday, Batman!!

Attention: If you are reading this, I am more than likely the sleep deprived zombie on the red (or brown) line that is speeding downtown. I may or may not have a coffee in my hand and daggers in my eyes, daring somebody to touch me or say something a little too loud. I probably have on matching shoes... and I am waiting for the day to end, before it even begins. Why? Because I moved out of the ghetto, bitches!!! :)

If you have been sleepwalking (like me) you may not have realized that I have not really been blogging as much as I usually do. I have been packing up my life, adopting out dogs and working like a crazy person. As I type this, I am tired. Like, eyes closing involuntarily tired. Ah well- I will sleep when I am dead.

Things have been a little weird, because I have been sad. Closing a chapter in your life is not easy- even if the chapter was AWFUL. I mean a few things have been going on and maybe that is why I am acting like I have some attachment to my little house in the middle of bastard-land? Whatever the case, it is over. These past three weeks I have been looking around and breathing in my old neighborhood, consuming its essence, allowing it to infiltrate my inner being and guess what? It sucks- like I thought it would... but honestly, not as bad as I thought. That said- my social experiment is over-- and I never want to live like that again. Ever. Ghetto living is SO not for this princess. Give me the preppiest part of the city any day (as long as there is parking) and I will be happy. Hey- it is all about knowing where you will be happy and I think we can all agree that the West Pullman neighborhood was not aligned with the workings of Miss Hot, Black and Bitter.

Unfortunately, in order to run away from the realities of West Pullman, I signed an agreement with the devil and... moved to the North Side of the city. No worries. There is no way in hell I'll ever become a cubs fan (because I actually like major league baseball versus the pee wee level that the cubs play on). In fact I think I will put up my White Sox flag for all to see... Right next to my Ohio State Buckeyes flag. Oh, that's right haters... Y'all went IN while I was on a blog vacation, but I will read you the riot act soon. Allow me to catch up over the next week-- I have a lot to say (as usual!)

I missed writing and I am glad for this new beginning. Happy June, more to come.


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